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Dengie DaRT 99

Dengie Dart Broomfield to the Maldon District

Service Commences 16 May 2011

Dengie Dart –Why now?

The Dengie Dart is a great example of the “Big Society” in action. This is a ‘localism’ inspired service which has enjoyed both actual and moral support and input from a number of local authorities, from the hospitals themselves, Parish Councils, District Councils, Dengie Hundred Bus User Groups, GPs, our local Member of Parliament, Essex County Council, and in a big manner from Rural Community Council of Essex (RCCE) without whose help and support this service could not have started. All the supporters are determined that despite the current economic situation we can increase rural accessibility while saving money. The scheme shows how the commercial, public and voluntary sectors can all work together to achieve this. This development of the local transport market will ensure that rural transport will not just be about providing additional shopping journeys, but provide transport to access health, work, education and leisure.